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Please deliver all information you have. Documents, contracts, facts, samples incl. description about the critical points. The status quo and possible deadlines.

Enunciate your questions for proofing and a analytic process. We will give you a binding statement incl. advices for risk factors. If it is needed, we will arrange a meeting as soon as possible. We charge per hour in €uro. phone or messenger. Please note!

With contacting and message any information you already ask for our consulting performance. Of course we will try to give you our evaluation already by phone, if we can do seriously and binding. We want to help you.

With delivery our statement the perfomance is fulfilled and liable to pay costs. We charge 25 € per 15 minutes plus technical costs. The case will be documented.

We create solutions
and solve problems.

We are available Mo. to Sun. 10 AM to 6 PM. +